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 woman giving nutritian advice

This section contains resources and fact sheets for people with have diabetes, including diabetes during pregnancy.


Link to Patients and Public section of this website and the resources available.


Further information and support can be found at:


  • Leicestershire Diabetes website: link being updated


Asian family preparing foodHealthy Eating in the South Asian Community for People with Diabetes - Practical ideas to help people who have diabetes and eat a South Asian diet.

This booklet lists the number of 10g portions of carbohydate found in carbohydrate containing foods.
10g of carbohydrate + 1 portion
Glycaemic Index
Information about the glycaemic index and how it might affect your diet.

Healthy Eating & Diabetes - Advice for children and young adults
First line dietary advice for children and young pepole newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes. This also offers advice for their friends, families and other carers, outlining key messages and an example meal plan.