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Eating for Health


This section contains resources to help promote a healthier diet and lifestyle, including specific advice on vitamins and minerals, fibre, osteoporsis, arthritis and activity.

Advice on Spreading Fats

Advice on which spreads to use and also how to reduce the amount used

Cooking Tips for Healthy Eating in the South Asian Community

Information giving practical ways of making traditional South Asian dishes more healthy.

Live Healthier, Stay Healthier - South Asian diets

BAME leaflet for Healthy eating/cooking with South Asian diets

Diet and Lifestyle Advice to Help Prevent a Fall

Information on how to try and prevent falls through diet and lifestyle

Glossary of Commonly Consumed South Asian Foods


Healthier Eating Choices for Eating Out and Takeaways

Healthy options for eating out and takeaways.

How can I eat healthily


Healthy Eating for Teenagers

A guide to healthy eating.

Dietary advice for increasing your fibre intake


Dietary advice for increasing Fibre Intake - Asian Diet


Minerals - Iron

Good sources of iron in the diet.

Minerals - Magnesium

Good source of magnesium in the diet

Minerals - Calcium

Good sources of calcium in the diet and how to ensure you are getting enough.
Minerals - Non dairy sources of calcium
This is available only on the LNDS Staff section under Allergy

NHS Health Check Lifestyle Advice

A leaflet for patients who have attended an NHS health check - containing a brief guide to first line dietary and lifestyle advice, and signposting for further information.

Simple Steps to a Healthy Ramadan

Some helpful information.

Recipe and Menu Ideas for Healthy Eating

This leaflet gives some ideas for putting healthy eating advice into practice by choosing quick and easy meals.

Vegan Diet

This booklet contains information to ensure a balanced healthy diet if you wish to follow a vegan way of eating.

Vegetarian Diet

Food and meal ideas for a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Diet

This booklet contains information to help you follow a vegetarian way of eating.

Vitamins - B12

Good sources of vitamin B12 in the diet.

Vitamins - Folate (Folic Acid)

Good sources of folic acid in the diet.

Vitamins - D

An NHS leaflet on good sources of vitamin D in the diet.

Link to The International Low Salt Cook Book

Recipes from around the world.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator Check your BMI with our online BMI calculator

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