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Healthy Eating through Life:


Advice on diet during Pregnancy and while Breastfeeding

Please click on above for links to leaflets on pregnancy and breastfeeding

Link to BLISS leaflet on Looking After Yourself While Breastfeeding


Link to Department of Health "Off to the Best Start" breastfeeding leaflet


Link to BLISS leaflet on Expressing Breast Milk


Link to National Breastfeeding Network Helpline



Link to Loughborough University Child Feeding website








Healthy Eating Advice For Children 

 girl eating


First Tastes for the First Year
A leaflet giving general weaning advice over a baby's first year
Reviewed March 2017

First Tastes Stage 1 Smooth Textures and Tastes
A leaflet giving advice on stage 1 weaning. Reviewed March 2017

Babies and Infants - Stage 2 Lumpier Textures and Starting Finger Foods
A leaflet giving weaning advice on lumpier textures and starting finger foods.  Reviewed February 2013

Babies and Infants - Stage 3 Lumps, Chopped Foods and Finger Foods
A leaflet giving weaning advice on moving on to family meals.  Reviewed February 2013


Weaning - Baby's First Foods


Weaning - Guide to feeding 7-12 months


Feeding the Vegetarian Baby

A guide for parents.


Packed with Health

Healthy ways to fill a child's lunch box


Packed with Health

More printable version of the above leaflet - healthy ways to fill a child's lunch box


Happier Mealtimes

This leaflet is to help you understand why your child is naughty at mealtimes and offers practical and positive suggestions on what to do to help change your child's behaviour.


Iron - an Essential Mineral for Toddlers and Children

A leaflet on how to include iron rich foods in toddler's and children's diets.


Healthy Eating for Toddlers Eating an Asian Diet


Vitamin D

An NHS leaflet on good sources of vitamin D in the diet.


Link to BNF Toddler Eatwell leaflet on portion sizes for 1/3 years


Baby feeding advice and weaning from the Food Standards Agency




Change 4 Life - Healthy Eating Advice 4 children

Change 4 life


Top tips for kids and lifestyle ideas. 

British Dietetic Association Healthy Eating for Children.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator Check your BMI with our online BMI calculator

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