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Nutrition for Infants and Children

This section provides links to information and resources to help promote a healthier diet for infants, children and teenagers.


First Tastes for the First Year
A leaflet giving general weaning advice over a baby's first year
Reviewed March 2017


First tastes Stage 1 Smooth Textures and Tastes
A leaflet giving advice on stage 1 weaning. Reviewed March 2017


Babies and Infants - Stage 2 Lumpier Textures and Starting Finger Foods
A leaflet giving weaning advice on lumpier textures and starting finger foods. Reviewed February 2013


Babies and Infants - Stage 3 Lumps, Chopped Foods and Finger Foods
A leaflet giving weaning advice on moving on to family meals.  Reviewed February 2013


Weaning - Baby's first foods


Weaning - A guide to feeding 7-12 months


Feeding the Vegetarian Baby

A guide for parents.

Weaning your Premature Baby
Weaning advice specifically for premature babies.


Milk Free Weaning


Link to Leicestershire Medicines Strategy Group Guidelines on Prescribing of Specialist Infant Formula for proven and suspected cow's milk allergy under the age of 2 yers (and older for certain categories) Aug 2017



Moving on from my Allergen Free Infant Formula - What Next?

A guide for parents/carers of children with Cow's Milk Allergy over the age of 2 years.

 boy eating packed lunch


Packed with Health

Healthy ways to fill a child's lunch box


Happier Mealtimes
This leaflet is to help you understand why your child is naughty at mealtimes and offers practical and positive suggestions on what to do to help change your child's behaviour.

Iron - an Essential Mineral for Children and Young People 
A leaflet on how to include iron rich foods in children and young people's daily diets.


Vitamin D

This is a NHS leaflet for all healthcare professionals detailing who is at risk of vitamin D deficiency.


Healthy Eating for Toddlers Eating an Asian Diet

Baby feeding advice and weaning.


How to develop good food habits for healthy tots 


Portion size advice for children between 1-5 years old


Portion size advice for children between 7-10 years old


Foods to try booklet - to help increase the variety of foods for fussy/selective eaters


Sensory Issues - Help with eating & drinking


Living with Reflux

parents Guide  to Gastro-Oesophageal reflux (GOR) and Reflux Disease (GORD) in infants (12 months of age or younger)


Link to Infant and Toddler Forum website


Change 4 Life - Healthy Eating Advice 4 children


Change 4 life

Top tips for kids and lifestyle ideas.