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More about us

More About Us

Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Services deliver a range of services to Leicestershire county, Leicester city and Rutland.  We work within the community, in outpatients, and in the community and city hospitals.

We provide support for people who have diverse nutritional needs, during the treatment of health conditions or in their prevention.  We offer one-to-one and group consultations, and can signpost people to other service providers.  We have one of the largest teams of dietitians in the country, which means we have expertise in a wide-range areas, including allergy, kidney disease, heart disease, childrens services, mental health, cancer care, weight management and bariatric surgery. 
We also offer training to institutions and business, support students of all ages, and through the Public Health Team, work to engage the wider public with positive diet and lifestyle messages.

LEAP Project

The Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service devised a way to extend dietetic support for patients after they finished our weight management programmes.

‘LEAP Beep' was a personalised text messaging system that involved the dietitian and patient texting each other around set information for a three month period after attendance at the LEAP weight loss groups. LEAP Beep participants were given a pedometer and allocated daily goals for steps, as well as fruit, vegetable and breakfast consumption. This information was texted to the dietitian twice a week, allowing us to monitor progress, set new goals and provide support where necessary.

The research showed that participants in the LEAP Beep project showed a significant loss in weight, Body Mass Index and waist circumference when compared with the control group whose members had not received the same support. It also proved to be highly rated by participants and improved their quality of life.

The project is a great example of innovative work that responds to the needs of service users. Improving public health is at the heart of what we do and we felt that LEAP Beep encouraged self monitoring and led to real improvements in clinical practice that shaped the delivery of patient care.

The project is soon to be rolled out to members of the LEAP weight management groups.

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