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There are no supplements or food that can stop you from getting Covid-19/Coronavirus, but by following a balanced, varied, healthy diet, you can support your immune system to continue to work normally.
If you are recovering from Covid-19 virus and have lost weight, here are some nourishing food and drink ideas which may help with your recovery:


Further support from University Hospitals of Leicester following your discharge from hospital:

More support and nutritional information can be found on the BDA website:


Patients and Public


Patients and Public

On this site you will find a variety of first line information for a range of common clinical conditions/illnesses, also information about diet and lifestyle.
We also provide information about Weight Management for both Adults and Children, with local group sessions available.
Should you require further information and support, you can access our Services via a referral by your GP or Health Care Professional.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator Check your BMI with our online BMI calculator

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