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This section contains information for adults and children with diabetes, to help you to manage your condition, and to make healthy and enjoyable food and lifestyle choices.

Diabetes Control and Weight Gain - being updated

Information on blood glucose levels and you to cut calories if necesssary


Eat Well with Type 1 Diabetes

Link to Diabetes UK website where a copy of the above leaflets can be obtained.

Eat Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Link to Diabetes UK website where a copy of the above leaflet can be obtained.

Getting Started with Food and Diabetes

Link to BDA food facts for Type 2 Diabetes


Glycaemic Index- being updated

Information about the glycaemic index and how it might affect your diet.

Healthy Eating & Diabetes - Advice for children and young adults - being updated

First line dietary advice for children and young pepole newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes. This also offers advice for their friends, families and other carers, outlining key messages and an example meal plan.


Healthy Eating in the South Asian Community for People with Diabetes

Practical ideas to help people who have diabetes and eat a South Asian diet.
First line advice for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Lifestyle Advice for People at Risk of Diabetes - being updated

Other links which you may find useful are below:

Link to Diabetes UK Enjoy Food website